Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Skyping our Canadian Buddies

This morning we spoke to our K-2 Flat Classroom buddies in Canada using Skype.

We could see them and we could see a little image of us on the webcam in the corner.
"I felt excited" says Kiarshin 
"I felt happy because I met some people from Canada" says Kaleb 
"I felt happy because everyone was on the big screen" says Shakiya 
"I liked to know their names" says Finn 
"I liked talking to them" says Amy. 

When we talked to them it was 10am on Wednesday. In Canada it was TUESDAY at 5pm at night!
The children had gone home after school and come back to school at night especially to talk to us!

The first thing we did was played "Four Corners" which is a game. Someone has to count to 5 and the class to run to one of the four corners of our classroom. We had the categories Birds, Insects, Reptiles and Mammals. The game was fun. They were the callers, our winners were Hunter and Finn. Next we showed them how to play Elastics. You need two people and you put the elastic around their ankles and the other person jumps. They also had an elastic in Canada.We need to finish our video to teach them how to play Elastics.

 They also showed us their class pets. They were in a plastic container. We had no idea what they were to start with but they were caterpillars.

We asked them lots of questions too, like how old they were,  how many people are in their class and how big their houses. Most of the children are a bit older than us, they were 7 or 8 years old. We are only 6 and 7 years old.

They wanted to know if we had pets at home, if we had a class pet and how many playgrounds we had. They had one and we have 3!

Thank you so much to Mrs Nairn's Class @ Harold Hatcher School in Canada for speaking with us. It was great to 'see' you :)


  1. Skype has changed the way I teach! I love that I can connect my students to classrooms around the world! I would love to connect with you when we return to school in August. You are the reason why I implemented blogging in my classroom. 5+ years ago you had your young students in Nelson blogging. You were ahead of your time, my friend!

  2. Hello Rachel's Class,

    Excellent job on your writing. Thank for Skyping with us.We liked your classroom and all the students. We liked the picture you put up on your blog of our Skype session. We hope you enjoyed the caterpillars. We are looking forward to seeing your games and videos.

    Ms. Nairn's Class and Ms. Nairn


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