Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Learning about ANZAC Day

There is a special day in New Zealand tomorrow, 
it is called ANZAC Day.

We have been learning a little about ANZAC day and watching some videos to give us an understanding.

We were trying to build up a picture of what ANZAC Day might be all about as none of us knew!
First of all we watched this video called "The Last ANZAC Tribute"
We looked and listened hard and came up with lots of things we saw in the video.

We brainstormed all the things we saw in the video:

Next we watched this video which taught us a bit more about ANZAC Day. We stopped the video lots of times and discussed things as a class.

On Friday, we are having a BIG ANZAC Assembly at school, each class has to make a special wreath to pay their respects with.

Check out our AWESOME wreath!

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