Monday, 2 April 2012

Our Flat Classroom Buddies from Canada

Our class is participating in a new flatclassroom project, that will connect us with a class in Seattle, Washington and a Winnipeg, Canada for the next three months.

As part of this project, we were given the task of creating a classroom "handshake", or introduction to send to our new learning partners.

We got to watch the one sent to us by Mrs Nairn's class in Canada, you can watch it too below.

There were lots of similarities and differences between our school and theirs, and our class and theirs. We made a big list, check it out:
  • They have 477 kids at their school, we have 355.
  • They do reading, we do reading too!
  • They don’t wear uniforms. We wear turquoise polo shirts and navy blue shorts, skorts, long pants or tights.
  • They have a man Principal, we have a lady for a Principal. Her name is Miss Joplin.
  • They have a lady Vice Principal (DP). We have 2 lady Deputy Principals, they are Rachel and Mrs Holt.
  • They had snow outside. It is quite sunny still here.
  • They have blocks just like our blocks!
  • They have boxes with their reading books in it. We have our own book bags.
  • They have more children in their class than us.
  • They have 27 children in their class, we have 15!
  • They are very clever, they have had 100 days of school. We have had 43 days of school!
We are nearly fiished our class introduction and can't wait to share it with the other classes in Canada and  America!

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